Frequently Asked Questions...

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent skilled professional, who provides administrative, technical and/or personal support services remotely from a home-based office, either on an ongoing basis or for one off tasks.

A VA is a self-employed contractor, so you do not need to worry about any employee related issues such as taxation, superannuation, insurances, sick leave or leave loadings.

What are the advantages of hiring a VA?

  • Free up your own time to focus on..... what you want
  • Save yourself hours of frustration & money, when working on technical projects that could be done much faster by someone who has the knowledge & the right tools (just like any tradie)
  • Flexibility as you are assisted on a “needs basis” & you only pay for actual work time
  • Up to date technical tools & resources are on hand, to organise your life and/or your business more efficiently
  • Save on employee expenses such as superannuation, loadings, taxes, benefits & additional staff training
  • Avoid the logistical problems of providing extra office space, computers, equipment & supplies
  • Greater productivity as precious time is not wasted on unproductive disruptions such as a busy workplace, co-workers wanting to chat, staff meetings & meal/drink breaks.

How do I work with a VA?

  • With technology nowadays, it is very easy to work remotely. There are many applications that are available which simplify the whole process & also allow for greater communication channels. Examples: the traditional phone & post, email, social media, instant messaging, Skype, Dropbox, G-Suite apps & the list goes on.
  • Should you live local to my base, we can arrange convenient face to face appointments if required.
  • Just like a new employee in your business, you may need to spend some time explaining your systems & processes. You won't have to train on the details of HOW to do the job, just your procedures. Some software programs are job/industry specific & guidance will demonstrate the way you like your tasks processed. (Dont worry I am a quick learner & experienced in many fields, so keen to get the job done fast for you).
  • Everyone is individual, having different needs & have differing levels of technology experience. I am here to streamline your tasks & make it all simple!

For a first hand look at how it all works ....   Meet Sam

How do I get started?

  • When we first make contact, I will ask you questions about you and your business, & the tasks that you would like completed, the areas you need help with & time frames.
  • From there, we can determine whether it is one-off or infrequent tasks required, or ongoing consistent work, which will also direct the most suitable pricing structures.
  • Before any work commences a client service agreement between both parties is signed to specify the terms & conditions.
  • On receipt of signed documents & receipt of payment/deposit, then it is off to work!!

What is it like to work with Admin Made Simple VA?

  • Organised & efficient: I love to organise anything & everything & have the knowledge & tools to get the job done efficiently.  If you are concerned about  pricing - remember that this is my specialty, I can get the job done while you are thinking about starting.
  • Communication: I believe that clear communication is imperative when working together, so everyone is "on the same page".  It is normal practice for regular contact along the way, to advise progress & confirm your instructions are being carried out.
  • Friendly & trustworthy: A good working relationship is vital for success & all great relationships are built on trust. I like to build solid working relationships & become part of your successful team.
  • Confidentiality & transparency: I take these two traits very seriously. I acknowledge & partake in the strict adherence that is required for client confidentiality. I also believe that being transparent in my work shows honesty & accountability - again, a trust thing! You can also view the privacy policy by clicking here   Privacy Policy
  • Professional & dedicated service: I am committed to providing an excellent level of customer service. I will only take on work if it is within my qualification levels, I know it can be done in the agreed time frame & within my areas of expertise.

Pricing & Packaging:

    • A free "no obligation" initial consultation helps to discover what you need (if you arent exactly sure) & where I can be most effective for you
    • Once we determine your work needs, I can then arrange the best pricing options for your requirements. Below is a guide as to the available opportunities:
      • Hourly Rates: For casual clients, a "pay as you go" hourly rate for one off or infrequent requests. This rate is also applicable for urgent work requests.
      • Pre Paid Packages: For clients with ongoing needs or recurring tasks, prepaid plans are popular & rewarded with discounted hourly rate packages. Blocks of hours are purchased in 5, 10 or 20 hours.
      • Custom Packages: For specific tasks, special projects or consistent ongoing work. This might include set hours on a weekly, monthly or ongoing basis. Some set tasks can be simplified into a package price to get the job completed.

The Finer Details:

  • All rates are in Australian Dollars & there is currently no GST payable.
  • Any costs incurred including membership to software, specific stationery, postage or other out of pocket expenses will be agreed on, prior to incurring expense & will be added to your invoice.
  • BAS services are provided by ABN BAS Pty Ltd, Registered BAS Agent #91970004.  Admin Made Simple VA is working with ABN BAS to facilitate the BAS Services.
  • Prepaid packages are to be paid prior to any work commencing & the hours on prepaid packages are valid for 12 months after purchase.
  • Hourly pricing is billed in 15 minute intervals & you only pay for productive work time.
  • Custom packaging will have specific payment terms as stated in the individual client service agreement. Either upfront deposit payments or regular direct debit arrangements can be required.
  • Work will only be taken on if it is in my area of expertise & in my doing so, it is compliant with the specific industry regulations. Rules often change regarding what level of qualifications are required to carry out particular services.
  • Administration is defined as something you would expect a secretary, receptionist or personal assistant to do. For instance, an update to text on a website would be reasonable, but for example creating custom graphics, creating a website from scratch or complete coding changes would be referred to a specialist in that field.



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