Introducing Sam...


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The Problem:

Sam runs a small business and is flat out with doing the physical daily "paid work" to make ends meet.  On top of that, he is also continually looking for new opportunities to continue the workflow & to grow his business. But Sam loves what he does, that is why he went into his business in the first place.

The struggle for Sam is trying to maintain his business administration. He never thought the admin tasks in being a business owner would be so onerous! It often feels overwhelming trying to keep up with the bookkeeping, technology, industry compliance's & employer responsibilities like taxes, superannuation & reporting. Then there is the client relationships to manage & to cap it off there is always this small stuff on the "to do list" that just never gets done, until it turns into something BIG.

These are issues all business owners face.

Solutions & Outcomes for Sam:

Step 1: Sam & I spoke in detail & worked out what areas worried him the most & determined which tasks he needed the most help with. This involved Sam thinking hard about which specific tasks he didn't need to spend his valuable time on & that he was prepared to delegate.

Step 2: Initially Sam spent some time explaining his existing systems & process, so I could get an understanding of his current procedures. It was then time to roll up the sleeves & get started.

Step 3.  Sam agreed on 5 hours per week to delegate his administration & bookkeeping tasks, employer responsibilities & some client communications. (It wasn't long before Sam found more tasks to delegate once he saw the benefits & freedom he was gaining!)

Which meant Sam....

  • was personally happier & had less anxiety
  • could sleep at night without the burden of outstanding admin issues
  • was satisfied knowing the tasks were being completed efficiently & professionally
  • was able to concentrate on giving his existing clients the attention they needed & the time to build stronger relationships with them
  • got more repeat business from existing clients & more valuable referrals
  • was more productive & had time to promote the business
  • was able to take time off from work, spend time with his family, enjoy some well earned holidays
  • now has the "work/life balance" worked out!!

       In short...    more time, less stress, more income and a big smile!


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